Leicestershire First

Promoting leadership, excellence and citizenship in the community of Leicestershire.

About Leicestershire First

Please note that the Leicestershire First Awards are no longer in operation. 


Leicestershire First has previously identified and recognised community achievement through an Awards Scheme following the example of the National Beacon Prize for Philanthropy.


Leicestershire First has entered into a partnership with The Beacon Fellowship Charitable Trust. Through promoting the importance of social and community giving in Leicestershire, the Partnership aims to set an example which may be replicated in other parts of the UK.


Actions and achievements previously qualifying for an Award have included acts of bravery, sacrifice, generosity and commitment to the community and environment, as well as outstanding achievements by Citizens of Leicestershire in their field of specialisation, particularly in the Arts, Music and Sport. The winner of each award has been presented with £3,000 to be given to a charitable organisation on their choice in Leicestershire.

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