Leicestershire First

Promoting leadership, excellence and citizenship in the community of Leicestershire.

Award winners

Leicestershire First Inaugural Award

Winner: Helen Collins

Community Builder Award 2008/2009

Winner: Ruth Wragg

Young Achiever Award 2008/2009

Winner: Kirsty Dunkley

Environment Award 2008/2009

Winner: Ralph Johnson

Leadership Award 2008/2009

Winner: Rama and Sujata Bhalla

Volunteering Award 2008/2009

Winner: Stuart Berry

Achievement in Sport Award 2008/2009

Winner: Ismail Saleh

Achievement in Arts and Music 2008/2009

Winner: Tony Graves

Courage Award 2008/2009

Winner: Michael Higgs

Judges’ Special Award 2008/2009

Winner: Lee Penfold

Community Builder Award 2009/2010David Brown

Winner: David Brown

Volunteering AwardDavid Codd 2009/2010

Winner: David Codd

Citizenship AwardRiazRavat 2009/2010

Winner: Riaz Ravat

Young Achiever Award 2009/2010RiazRavat

Winner: Paul Carlton

Judges’ Special Award 2009/2010

Winner: Gail Moore

Community Builder Award 2010/2011

Winner: Sheila Cullinan

Volunteering Award 2010/2011

Winner: Alistair Horn

Citizenship Award 2010/2011

Winner: Phil Saunders

Young Achiever Award 2010/2011

Winner: Joseph Putt

Judges' Special Award 2010/2011

Winner: Soft Touch Community Arts


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